TOM集團有限公司(股份代號:2383)為香港聯合交易所主板上市的媒體與科技公司。 除了經營出版和廣告的媒體業務外,TOM集團也是一個科技平台,營運業務包括電子商貿、社交網絡、移動互聯網;其策略投資領域則涵蓋金融科技和先進數據分析。 集團總部設於香港,地區總部分別設於北京及台北,聘用約一千五百名員工。TOM集團為長江和記實業有限公司成員。

TOM Group Limited (stock code: 2383) is a media and technology company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. In addition to its media businesses in Publishing and Advertising, TOM Group also has a technology platform with operations in E-Commerce, Social Network, Mobile Internet; and investments in Fintech and Advanced Data Analytics sectors. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group has regional headquarters in Beijing and Taipei with approximately 1,500 employees. TOM Group is a member of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited.

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